Terms of service

I2MAX Co., Ltd. complies with the privacy policy of the “Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act”.

I2MAX Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) regards the personal information of customers (hereinafter referred to as “users”) using the services provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as ” We are doing our best to protect information.
The Company complies with all laws and regulations related to personal information protection, including the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and further protects the personal information of users by enacting and observing the company’s privacy policy.
In addition, the company always discloses the privacy policy on the first page of the company’s homepage so that users can easily view it. The company’s privacy policy may change subject to changes in relevant laws and notices or changes in internal operating policies. If the company’s privacy policy is modified, the changes will be posted on the website.
The company’s privacy policy contains the following contents.


  1. Consent to Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall establish procedures for selecting “Agree” or “Cancellation” with respect to the contents of the Company’s personal information protection policy or Terms of Use in connection with the collection of personal information of users, and if the user clicks the ” I agree with you.


  1. Items and method of collecting personal information

The Company collects personal information of users for the purpose of providing services. The personal information items collected by the Company and the purpose of collection are as follows.
Collection Items
Name, title, company name, phone number, cell phone, email, department name
How to collect
Online: product inquiry, trial version application, education and seminar application, consultation application, event participation, affiliation inquiry
Offline: Participate in events, training, and seminars


  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The company can utilize in the identification process according to the use of the service, the execution of the contract on the provision of the service, the settlement of the fee, the provision of the contents, the purchase and payment of the fee, the delivery or billing of the goods, the collection of the fee, the delivery of the prizes, It provides statistical analysis such as information of event information and delivery of prizes such as securing smooth communication path such as reply of inquiry, provision of necessary information (delivery of trial ID, content of on-off issued by i-TMAX including newsletters, event invitation and DM sending) As a marketing material, we collect and use personal information of the user for the purpose of providing the best service for the user.
In any case, without the prior consent of the user or the related laws and regulations, the user shall not use it for any purpose other than the purpose stated in advance, and shall not disclose it to the outside


  1. Providing and sharing of personal information to third parties

The Company shall not use the personal information of the user beyond the limits specified in the “Collection and Use of Personal Information” and “Purpose of Using Personal Information” except in the case of the user’s consent, If you provide or share personal information of a user, you must know who is provided or shared with you in advance, what your main business is, what personal information items are provided or shared, The purpose of providing or sharing information, etc., through e-mail or website notice, and then seek consent from you, except in the following cases.
When it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research or market research, a specific individual is processed in an unrecognized form and provided to research organizations, surveys and research institutions.
Telecommunications Privacy Act, National Tax Basic Act, Information Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act, Financial Real Name Transaction and Confidentiality Act, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act, Consumer If there are special regulations such as the protection law and the criminal procedure law
The Company provides the user’s personal information to the service provider when the user submits additional service.
Name: Salesforce.com
Industry: development and supply of system and application software
Provided personal information items: Personal information that the company collects (name, company name, rank, phone, email, number of employees)
Purpose: Offer a free trial account for Salesforce.com


  1. Retention and use period of personal information

The Company keeps the personal information of the users continuously until the termination of the business and uses it to provide services. If the user’s personal information is requested to be deleted, the personal information of the user is completely deleted from the disk by a method that can not be reproduced. Even if the user requests to withdraw his / her consent to the personal information, he / she shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the personal information, such as the laws related to consumer protection in commercial law, electronic commerce, If there is a need to preserve by the regulations, you can retain personal information of the user for a certain period as follows.
Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
Record of payment and goods supply: 5 years
Records of consumer complaints or dispute handling: 3 years
The personal information registered in the computer can not be output to the document unless it is the person in charge of the personal information management and the person in charge or the person who has obtained the approval.


  1. Personal information manager and personal information manager

The company in order to protect the privacy of users and to handle complaints related to personal information with personal information management representative and Privacy Officer as follows:
[Personal information manager]Name: Kim Dong-Han
Position / Title: Management Team / Team Leader
Phone: 02-
Email: donghan.kim@i2max.co.kr
[Personal information manager]Name: Sun Kim
Position / Title: Marketing / Team Leader
Phone: 02-707-3414
Email: marketing@i2max.co.kr


  1. Personal information by cookies

The company collects and stores information about the user does not use “cookies (cookie) ‘Whilst information.


  1. Correction of personal information reading

The user can modify at any time if there is a personal information management representative and view their personal information through the officer or errors in personal information and may request the deletion. If you want to request an inquiry or correction of personal information, the writing to the Privacy Officer and management personnel, please contact us by phone or E-mail so that we will immediately take action without delay.


  1. Cancellation of consent to collection and use of personal information

You may withdraw your consent to collection, use and provision of personal information at any time. You may withdraw your consent by writing, telephone or e-mail to the person in charge of personal information management and the person in charge. If the Company takes action such as revocation of consent or the destruction of personal information, the Company shall notify the User without delay and collect personal information. We will take necessary steps to make it easier for you to withdraw your consent than how to collect your personal information.


  1. Personal Information Management
[Technical Measures] In handling personal information of users, we take technical measures to ensure the safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged. It is managed by using the impossible internal network, and by encrypting the file and transmission data or using the file lock function, important data is thoroughly protected by separate security function. We use intrusion detection system for each firewall and each server to secure the security of the company’s internal network. We are also strengthening security by installing an access control system. The personal information processing system and the information device Computer viruses, spyware, etc. Check, by installing anti-virus programs to handle and prevent the infringement of personal information.
[Administrative Measures] In order to secure the security of personal information, the Company shall limit the access privileges of the user’s personal information to the minimum number of persons and prepare the internal procedures necessary for accessing and managing the personal information, and to compliance business succession of privacy handlers it is being made and thoroughly over a secure connection clarifying responsibility for the incident and Privacy accident after leaving the company.


  1. Personal information infringement consultation and report

The company reserves the right to receive opinions from users in good faith, and always receives a sincere reply from the user’s questions. All personal information related complaints arising from the use of the company services shall be handed over to the company representative number or personal information manager You can report.


  1. Notice obligations when changing the protection policy

If the contents of the current Privacy Policy are added, deleted or modified, the notice of the website will be posted on this page at least 7 days before the revision. If the change is significant, some service will notify the change notice [Attachment] (Effective Date) This Agreement will be effective from February 20, 2012.